Yorkstone Reclaimed Paving

Yorkstone Reclaimed Paving, is the aged equivilent to our new riven yorkstone paving. Made hundreds of years ago the paving has a natural split face and can be sourced with either dressed or sawn edges. Unlike our newly quarried riven yorkstone paving, our reclaimed yorkstone paving has been aged and weathered outdoors for a number of years. Yorkstone reclaimed paving is highly sought after due to its unique features and its time tested durability. Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is sought after for a range of uses including driveways, patios, paths and garden features – giving each of these instant, yet timeless, age and character.

Here at Specialised Yorkstone Supplies we can source and supply Reclaimed Paving in the following thicknesses/grades:


Millstone Paving Flags – £64 per m²

The ‘Millstone’ reclaimed yorkstone paving is usually between 4 and 6 inches thick.

The face on a ‘Millstone’ flag is not perfect but its imperfections simply add character.


Street Grade – £85 per m²

No lead or sourcing time – OVER 150m2 IN STOCK

Reclaimed yorkstone paving between 2 and 4 inches thick as been termed by the trade as ‘street grade’.

The faces on a street grade flagstone is a lot smoother than than of a ‘Millstone’ yet it is not as perfect as a flagstone of ‘Cathedral Quality’.


Cathedral Quality – £100 per m²

As the name suggests ‘Cathedral Quality’ graded paving is the best of the best in all the grades of reclaimed yorkstone paving.

Cathedral quality paving is usually between 2 and 3 inches thick with a beautiful face.