Yorkstone Rockery is an extremely versatile product that can be used within the garden to create landscape features, whether it be a large rockery feature or as a small yet creative border feature. It can even be used to create tables, seats and bridges. In previous projects it has been used to build retaining walls, used to hold back or separate boundaries. Other uses include using larger pieces of Rockery for securing entrances to land or to prevent any unwanted car parking. Dependent on size these pieces are hand selected or machine picked by our stone masons from our quarry. Our rockery has been formed naturally over many years which makes each piece completely unique – no two pieces will be the same.

Specialised Yorkstone Supplies can supply rockery in varying sizes from a small piece, such as that of a football, to a large piece, such as that of a small car!

Please take a look at our gallery page and browse through our pictures which showcase the versatile uses of rockery in previous projects.

Whatever your needs please give a member of our team a call to discuss and we will do our very best to supply the size of rockery that you require. We will even facilitate for you to come to our quarry and pick out your own pieces of rockery to make your landscape feature more unique and personal – just give us a call to arrange a visit!


Small / Medium Sized Rockery

£75 per tonne + VAT


Large Rockery available upon request

Price On Application


Small and medium sized pieces can be supplied in crates, ‘ton bags’, or loose in the back of a wagon. Larger pieces can be supplied on pallets, flat back / tipper trucks.

Please give us a call on 0800 634 4994, or use this form, for more information or to place an order.