Why should you use Yorkstone?

What Is Yorkstone?

Yorkstone is a name given to a variety of sandstone which is most commonly used for the paving of driveways, patios and more for both home property and public streets. It is a natural sandstone and is used frequently due to the fact it is very durable and very strong, making it suitable to use for commercial, public and domestic use.

Yorkstone has been created as a sedimentary sandstone over 300 million years, due to the silt deposits by rivers, which build up over time to create the stone. It is a very versatile stone that has many uses, which is why it is so commonly used around England for both building, roofing and paving.

What Is Yorkstone Used For?

Yorkstone can be used for a range of purposes, as well as in many different pieces of construction work. It’s most common use is in paving, as many people think the usual cream or brown colour of yorkstone looks much nicer than just common gravel that most people will have for their patios and driveways. Other uses of yorkstone include:

  • Commercial & Domestic Buildings
  • Roofing
  • Footpaths
  • Crazy Paving
  • Walls
  • Landscaping

With many uses of yorkstone, it is one of the best materials to use for all construction purposes and is suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. Is also has uses inside of a home as it can also be useful for flooring if you want tiles rather than a carpet, then yorkstone can often be the best option.

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How Is Yorkstone Made?

Yorkstone forms over millions of years due to the slits that fall out of rivers. This means that it is a natural sandstone as it is formed without the intervention of Humans. This also means that yorkstone is most commonly found in rivers and small lakes. Once the yorkstone has been found and taken away, then it can be made into the shapes that you require for paving, flooring or construction.

Because it relies on the slits from rivers and it is being used so commonly, it does mean that is becoming rarer as we use it up at a faster rate than the rate it is crated at.

Yorkstone must then be shaped specific to your own requirements, this is done through cutting the yorkstone with a diamond blade saw to get a smooth cut. This is completed after the yorkstone has been washed to ensure there is no dirt when it is used for people’s homes.

This process has only been available since the introduction of modern day machinery such as the saw which manages to easily cut through the tough stone. Before stone saws were available, yorkstone would have to be formed into the appropriate shape through a hammer, so modern advances have made yorkstone much easier and quicker to create whilst having the shape and size much more accurate.

What Are The Benefits Of Yorkstone?

There are several reasons that when you are looking for the right material to use during construction and other processes, that yorkstone is the best option for you. The benefits of yorkstone include:

Durable –Yorkstone is a very durable material and will not start to break away because of rain, as well as not letting it water pass through it. The reason it has been used for so many years previously is because the stone will not become worn out easily and will maintain its natural and stylish look.

Very Flexible – As previously discussed, yorkstone has a range of uses and can be used for all parts of construction to a home or commercial properties. No matter what you require yorkstone for, it can help give your property a nice look.

Adds Value –Yorkstone can often be quite expensive to have added to your home, but this will also benefit you as it adds value to the property. This is because having a stylish patio looks much better than just a plain garden, which adds lots of value to your home and can attract buyers if you look to sell in the future.

Conducts Heat –Yorkstone conducts heat extremely well but manages to keep out water. This means if you were looking to use yorkstone as flooring, homeowners will be able to have under floor heating that is conducted easily through yorkstone.

With many benefits, yorkstone is certainly one of the best stone materials to use for your property.

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